About Irfan Rana

Licensed to practice in Arkansas and Texas, Dr. Irfan Rana works in emergency care at De Queen Medical Center in Arkansas. He began working at De Queen Medical Center in 2008 after serving in multiple emergency rooms throughout Arkansas. Dr. Rana also works at St. Joseph’s Mercy Health Center in nearby Hot Springs.

In addition to working at those hospitals, Dr. Irfan Rana has served in emergency rooms throughout Arkansas, including St. Edward Mercy Medical Center in Fort Smith, Ozark Health Medical Center in Clinton, and Medical Center of South Arkansas in El Dorado. Dr. Rana has also worked in emergency care at Dallas County Medical Center in Fordyce and Booneville Community Hospital in Booneville.

In Texas, Dr. Irfan Rana worked at Cozby-Germany Hospital in Grand Saline. While contributing his expertise at various hospitals, Dr. Rana also treated patients in private practice at Rana Family Medicine in Grand Saline. Actively involved in his profession, he maintains membership in the American Medical Association, Arkansas Medical Society, American Academy of Family Physicians, The American Board of Family Medicine, Inc., Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America, Texas Association of Family Physicians, and Texas Medical Association.

Prior to pursuing his medical career, Dr. Irfan Rana maintained an accomplished academic record. Studying at Aitchison College, Lahore in Pakistan, Dr. Rana earned multiple academic honors and performed at the top of his class. He also served as Vice President of the Biology Society Vice President and played hockey, cricket, and football. Furthering his education, he studied medicine at Baqai Medical College at Baqai Medical University in Karachi, Pakistan. Over the course of four years in medical school, he earned honors in multiple medical disciplines.


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